Note that cancer is increasingly known as one of the most dangerous threats that face firefighters and the studies done recently by experts’ show that firefighters are at high risk for several types of cancer in comparison with the general population. That is because of the toxins and carcinogens that the firefighters get exposed to as they get to put off fires and rescue people. And that is why, as a firefighter, you should learn more on the excellent ways to get to protect yourself from occupational cancer proactively.  

Below are aspects to consider that will help in firefighter cancer prevention. First and foremost is getting to keep your mask on whenever you are working in the field. Note that respiratory cancer is among the many cancers that are affecting most firefighters, and to avoid being a victim, you should always have your mask on all the time. When you are done working the next move will be to remove your gear as soon as possible that is the contaminated gear and store it in dedicated containers far away from the rehab place. Ensure that you go ahead and clean the scene. And also get to clean your neck, arms, face, and groin thoroughly after every time you get done the firefighting task. That calls one to clean these areas thoroughly since they have lots of blood vessels and which particulates tend to collect. Take care of yourself well by removing this threat to your health in no time after you finish putting off the fire. You can read more on firefighter cancer prevention now.

When you are at the station after you comes from a firefighting task, get to consider the following. Get to use a decontamination solution. That will help to eliminate carcinogens from the turnout gear. Note that cleaning with soap and water on the fire-ground is the essential first move. But later to get rid of the rest carcinogens from your equipment get to use excellent products that are meant to clean firefighter gears back at the station.  Below are items that are intended to be used by firefighters to help them prevent cancer. Ensure that you shower and scrub and also put on a clean uniform. But the first and foremost at the scene, the vital first step will be using cleansing wipes, for they are meant to wipe your face, hands, neck, etc. Note that this isn’t enough when you get to the station to have a thorough cleaning of your body. Discover more on firefighters here: